community plan on housing and supports

The Edmonton and Area Community Plan on Housing and Supports: 2011-2015 was launched in January 2012. It is as a five-year work plan for housing sector and support services in Edmonton.

The Edmonton and Area Community Plan on Housing and Supports: 2011-2015 is the foundational document and guide for decisions around housing, partnerships, research, checks and balances in our work, policy development and raising awareness. It has the flexibility to evolve and meet changing needs.  

The Plan was developed by the Community Plan Committee and coordinated by Homeward Trust.

The  Edmonton and Area Community Plan on Housing and Supports: 2011-2015 serves to:

  • Identify gaps in the current services
  • Develop strategies to address those gaps
  • Agree on responsibilities for action


To ensure that:

  • There are adequate housing and support services for people in need 
  • The sector has the data necessary to make the right funding decisions with a consolidated inventory of all low-income and special needs housing
  • Services throughout the sector are effectively streamlined and complementary 
  • All existing plans relating to housing and homelessness in Edmonton are aligned
  • We have a framework for our funding needs during the lifetime of the Plan

Who is involved?

The following populations all had a part in developing the plan:

  • Social agencies
  • Aboriginal community
  • Government
  • Members of the business community
  • Members of the immigrant and refugee community
  • Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues
  • Landlords and tenants
  • Homeless individuals
  • Housing developers

Learn More

Read the Edmonton and Area Community Plan on Housing and Supports: 2011-2015