Homeless Count

homeless count

The biennial Homeless Count provides the number of homeless individuals in Edmonton. The homeless count provides a point-in-time snapshot of the homeless community, as well as enables the monitoring of changes and trends in the homeless population over time.

2012 Homeless Count Report

Key Findings in 2012 Homeless Count

  • 2,174 individuals were identified as being homeless—a 30% decrease from the 3079 individuals counted in the 2008 Homeless Count
  • 46% of those counted were observed to be Aboriginal
  • 223 dependent children and 119 caregivers were counted
  • An additional 56 youth under the age of 16 without a caregiver were also counted
  • Roughly half of the total homeless were counted in the street or at an agency (Unsheltered: 1,070).
  • The other half were staying at a shelter (Sheltered: 1,104).

Homeless Count Committee

A committee of community members and government officials meets regularly to carry out the planning process for this important date.


The 2012 Homeless Count Committee applied the same methodology used in previous counts to ensure a reliable 'snapshot' of the homeless population. Utilizing the same methodology enables the monitoring of changes and trends of the homeless population, while keeping consistency in data collection. As part of its responsibility, however, the Committee also worked towards establishing a “best practices” method for future counts.